3 ways automated document generation can improve your business

Let’s talk about automation. Even if you use a document generation tool, that still does not mean you are fully automating your document generation process. Why is that? Many document generation tools can cover your “standard” use case, but when things start to fluctuate which they constantly do - you still fall back to a lot of manual adjustments. Not anymore! With Maven Documents any complex scenario can be automated and everything you need is one click away!

Let’s see how fully automated document generation can help your business grow.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Our clients’ success proves that shortening the time to market by 20 times is real by implementing a document generation tool that can cover all the business cases you have. Needless to mention that it drives more revenue, and can help you scale and reach more customers in less time. All the information your clients need to make a decision comes to them at the right time and in the right way since you can build different templates for each of the customer segments you have.

Along with putting your customer in the center of your process, you also motivate your sales team since they see the result of their work almost straight away which keeps them wanting to sell even better.

More time for the things that matter

You need to keep your employees happy and your management team free of tedious micro-management tasks. With automated document generation you just need one sign-off for the templates built and from that moment the team just works in a standardized manner saving your executive team energy and time for strategic things.

Moreover, error-free document generation saves tons of time for all your departments that were drowning in the endless paperwork of back-and-forth document adjustments because of the slight mistake from the manual process. Let’s not be busy, let’s be productive!

Valuable history for outstanding customer support

We share the value of having your customer in the center of everything, thus Maven Documents compliments all the features of Salesforce that help you create a 360° view of your clients. Automated document generation means that all the documents generated are stored in one centralized place showing the history of customer interactions for all people involved in the process of caring for the client. This helps internal alignment as well as provides a clear view of the next step needed. Don’t stress about having to search for that one file you shared (or not?) - have it all in one place and provide exceptional customer support!

We want you to experience all these benefits for yourself - just reach out to us and make the first step toward the success you deserve.