Knowledge - Our investment in the future

Read how Maven Mule is investing in knowledge and preparing for the future

Living in the constant race with the time and tasks, sometimes it is difficult to keep up the pace with the evergrowing Salesforce ecosystem and all features it brings. Needless to say, how many bad things the current COVID-19 crisis has brought to the world and the economy, we have still tried to make the best out of the situation. During the entire two months, we have continued to stay focused on our clients and projects, in order to keep delivering the best solutions. At the same time, working from home allowed us to rethink what the future brings and how to fight all challenges of the difficult period ahead of us. We have decided that we need to be stronger if we want to move all obstacles that the future brings. Francis Bacon wrote, “knowledge is power”. Led by this wisdom, we have decided to invest even more in our already great knowledge. During the period of two months, we have earned three new Salesforce Application Architect certificates and a few additional Salesforce certificates. Being a small company in the Salesforce ecosystem, this achievement is a big milestone for Maven Mule.

Preparing for the certification

Although working as architects, consultants, and developers on projects require great knowledge of the Salesforce platform, having the knowledge still requires thorough preparation for exams. It is always difficult to remember all the small details which could, in the end, make the difference between correct and wrong answers. Thankfully, with learning platforms like Salesforce Trailhead and Focus on Force, there is plenty of study guides and learning materials that can guide you in the right learning path. Still, every individual can have a different approach to learning and preparation.

Before starting any studying, I was first looking at the exam topics described in the exam guide. This helps me to identify areas where I think I have the biggest knowledge gaps. As a next step, I usually go through Trailhead Trailmixes designed for a specific certificate. Some Trailmix topics require more attention and in-depth studying, again, depending on my existing knowledge. Focus on Force practice exams help me to validate my knowledge level and show to which areas I need to pay additional attention. The last step is then to go through Focus on Force learning materials. I have been following this process for pretty much all exams I took and this gave me the confidence I can get the certificate. Usually, it took about three to four weeks to prepare an exam following these steps, with exam score of at least 80%. It is important to stay persistent and study every day. This approach ensures easier knowledge absorption and confidence.”, says Vedran Ivišić, one of our new Salesforce Certified Application Architects. 

Taking the exams

Even detailed preparation for the exam does not mean you won’t be sweating when the exam starts :) Answering questions in your learning guide may be simple as there is nothing to lose. However, when the real thing kicks in, even obvious answers become suspicious.

Every exam was a challenge! Even long studying and preparations with Trailhead, Focus on Force or Quizlet doesn’t guarantee passing score. Every exam question requires detailed analysis, concentration and understanding of a question. Very often there are small traps that could lead you in the wrong direction. Full focus and concentration are the key to pass an exam”, adds Dragan Šantić, most recent Salesforce Certified Application Architect at Maven Mule.

Applying the knowledge

Investing in the knowledge and earning certifications is just one piece of the puzzle. Applying gained knowledge to our projects, delivering even better solutions for our clients and continuing to build outstanding products is the next step. Having this knowledge will allow us to do our work even better and to expand our expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.