Red Flags to change your document generation tool

Change is scary, human nature leans toward staying in a “comfort zone” even if all it actually does is cause discomfort. We try to neglect any inconveniences in order to stick to the familiar. Today we want to help you notice the red flags pulling you back from having the document generation experience your business deserves.

Heavy customization

If you have worked with Salesforce long enough, you know that it has limits to ensure efficient processing and protect performance. Thus any document generation solution has to be built smart enough to honor the limits but still be able to support the volume of operations your company has. 

When limits are reached, that’s where most of the customization begins.

That said, if you start to feel that more than half of your document generation process is built on custom logic outside the document generation tool functionality, it likely means the solution no longer meets your business needs. 

It is ok that your business outgrows the software in use, it is not ok though to neglect that. We encourage you to stop building blocks of heavy customizations and look for a scalable document generation tool that can keep up with your growth.

Slow performance

Imagine your sales team trying to win THAT deal. They want to generate the Quote fast while they have the attention of a Lead speaking to him/her on the phone or via email. Sales Agent got every data he/she needs into Salesforce and it shall be a matter of seconds to bring this data into a personalized Quote to win the buyer.

And now imagine the frustration of a sales agent looking at a loading spinner for minutes and getting nothing in return. The Lead’s attention is lost, and so is the deal.

Document generation software is meant to support you at every stage of your sales cycle, rather than force you to go in circles.

Low self-efficiency

Document standards are as dynamic as the world around us, companies constantly come up with new document templates to adjust to the fast-paced environment. 

Thus it is key to have a document generation solution that you can maintain in-house and avoid being too reliant on the vendor.

Imagine you need to update your service order template due to regulation changes, and you can’t afford to wait for weeks for the change to be applied.

If you do not own the document generation solution, you do not really own the business processes that rely on it. Make sure you invest in the solution that makes you the expert.

Price for value

We are all willing to pay all the money in the world for the solution that actually works for us, but do we have to?

The beauty of the Salesforce ecosystem is that you always have the choice, regardless of the size of your company or the money you have to spare. Make sure you navigate through AppExchange and consider all the options you have before you sign your next renewal for a $$$ that you can spend more efficiently.

Stay tuned and in the next article, we will discuss how to make your migration to a new document generation solution smooth and easy, and how Maven Documents can support you in that.

If you can’t wait for the next article to come out (and we get it :) ), book a quick call with us and we will walk you through the solution we have.