Salesforce Document Generation Built for Large Enterprise

Why Maven Documents is the perfect fit for large enterprise companies?

You can find a lot of metrics to judge by whether a company is an SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), or Large Enterprise. Mostly these metrics boil down to the number of employees and/or annual revenue threshold.

But what does the company size actually mean when it comes to choosing software solutions?

From what we have seen in our experience, the decision-making process varies depending on the company size, and the larger company gets, the more functional and non-functional requirements are brought up to the table. The consideration stage is longer, requirements are more complex, and stakeholders’ vision is more long-term. 

Large enterprises also come with their “box” of challenges: data privacy and protection, scalability and consistency of technology stack, and complexity of business workflows and requirements.

In this article, we will dive into why Maven Documents is the perfect fit for large enterprise companies to help with business challenges, and keep individual users happy too.

Document Generation - a circulatory system of your business

Almost every business process either requires some documents as a pre-requisite or produces them as an outcome, thus the “health” of your document generation is essential to the “health” of your business.

Given the volume of documents running daily through every department (aka “vein”) of your organization, you need to have a strong “heart” at the center of it all - a scalable, secure and flexible Document Generation Software.

Ok, we are done with anatomical metaphors, now let’s get straight to the point - why is Maven Documents THE RIGHT one for your large enterprise business?


Apart from essential document generation features, Maven Documents has some extras, which makes it an advanced document generation tool that is still easy to use. 

Maven Documents has a powerful Expressions Engine built on Jexl, that allows you to create any additional logic for data manipulations - business rules, calculations, formatting, and more. This will save you a couple of custom fields in Salesforce and reduce the need for multiple templates for similar cases.

We also allow you to automate things beyond document generation - send emails, preview documents, update fields, etc. And yes, that all comes out of the box.

Maven Documents is fully compatible with Azure Cloud and Google, which allows you to choose a preferred cloud infrastructure.

For end users that means they can create a personalized experience with branded templates and save time by eliminating manual actions.


Given the size and the volume of daily operations in the large enterprise business, any document generation tool shall be able to maintain efficient performance and also be ready for the increase of workload. 

Maven Documents uses GraphQL language for data retrieval, which enables you to fetch data from multiple objects, levels, and relationships in the most efficient way which saves resource consumption and overcomes different limits. 

With our solution you can also choose a preferred cloud infrastructure, meaning that you can have a dedicated server of your own which skyrockets the performance in case of complex and heavy processing.

For end users that means they can generate documents in seconds saving the frustration of glitches, bugs, and slow loading.


Although our feature set is already rich enough, Maven Documents can be extended further via Apex or Salesforce flow functionality to cover complex business requirements. It is also easily integrated with e-sign and CLM solutions.

Needless to say, we are always developing new functionality that can cover even a broader set of complex requirements out of the box.

For end users that means their entire workflow can be automated which saves time and creativity resources for things that matter.


Here comes the best part. 

Maven Documents has a powerful set of advanced functionalities but still keeps usability first. Our tool is easy-to-maintain without a single developer on your team.

Point-and-click Query and Template builders are intuitive and easy to use to help you save time and resources for things that matter.

Apply changes whenever you need them and keep templates uniquely yours with a help of the richest set of mark-up elements our solution offers.

QR codes, hyperlinks, images, and more - that’s all available for you to use so you can create personalized templates without a single line of code.

For end users that means they do not need to have coding skills to be able to maintain and adjust the tool to cater to their needs.


Being a Salesforce Native Document Generation Tool, Maven Documents already checks many security “boxes”. Maven Documents never stores any transaction data and helps you be compliant with the strictest security policies and regulations.

You can learn even more about our data privacy on our website.

For end users that means customers’ data privacy is always prioritized and taken care of in the background 


Our tool helps your business strive and we are ready for the increase in the volume of your document generation.

There are endless possibilities for vertical and horizontal scaling with our solution, from installing it to a private cloud to enhancing processing.

You do not have to worry about workarounds or customizations - we grow as you do.

For end users that means they can work with a large volume of documents in parallel with their peers without changes in the tool’s performance.


Apart from extensive documentation and a collection of Youtube guides that are available to you any time you need them, we also offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is designed to fit your needs perfectly. 

Our support team is always available and reachable (and we mean it) to help you get the most out of our software. 

For end users that means they are never blocked by a question or an issue they face, the answer is always just a few clicks away.

Don’t take just our word for it, look at one of our customer reviews. 

There are quite a few solutions that can support your document generation here and now, but we encourage you to choose the one that can support your long-term goals too. And that is Maven Documents - future-proof, consistent, reliable and backed up by an amazing team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals.

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